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Interdisciplinary Competencies

Questions on the Interdisciplinary Competencies

  1. Leadership is a process that encompasses the behavior of the leader, the behaviors of followers, and which of the following?
    1. environment
    2. society
    3. community
    4. organizational groups
  1. Hersey and Blanchard's Situational Theory of Leadership states that which of the following related to group members is a critical factor in the situation that determines the effectiveness of a leadership style?
    1. maturity level
    2. cohesiveness
    3. intelligence
    4. homogeneity
  1. The core functions of public health include assessment, policy development, and ?
    1. coalition building
    2. surveillance
    3. evaluation
    4. assurance
  1. Which type of evaluation includes collection of information on the number of subjects who participated, the perceived quality of the instruction, and the skill level of the group leaders?
    1. impact
    2. process
    3. outcome
    4. formative
  1. Setting public health laws occurs at the ________________ level.
    1. national
    2. local
    3. regional
    4. state

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