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Health Policy & Management Questions




1. An important and powerful policy instrument used by the federal government in order to advance certain public health initiatives, such as children's health insurance and maternal and child health care is:


  A. allocating resources.

  B. exercising police power.

  C. imposing criminal penalties.

  D. imposing fines.

  E. regulating health behaviors of individuals




2. The ____________________ is a community-driven tool for improving community health, which helps communities apply strategic thinking to prioritize public health issues and to identify resources for addressing them.


  A. Community Health Improvement Process

  B. Comprehensive Approach to Community Health

  C. Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships

  D. Planned Approach to Community Health

  E.  Web-based data query system



3. The state's traditionally recognized authority to promote the general welfare of society, including maintaining public health, is the:


  A. Bill of Rights    

  B. Tenth Amendment

  C. Police Power

  D. Supremacy Clause

  E. Taxing and Spending Power


4. ______________________ is a program partnering CDC and national public health organizations and programs to improve public health systems by having state and local public health agencies utilize national self-assessment instruments.



  A. Assessment Protocol for Excellence in Public Health

  B. Community Health Improvement Program

  C. Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships

  D. National Public Health Performance Standards Program

  E.  Web-based data query system



5.  The single largest professional group in the governmental public health practice sector are:


  A. Dentists

  B. Epidemiologists

  C. Health educators

  D. Nurses

  E. Physicians

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